With any new business venture there always seems to be more projects and associated tasks then time in the day to complete them.  At Mattie's Mountain Farm, it is no different.  We have an ambitious schedule of projects to improve the forest and supporting facilities.  Here are a few of the multi-year projects that are being planned:


Facility Construction:

  • Primary lodge
  • Lavender Pavillion
  • Art studio & Store complex
  • Greenhouse
  • Barn
  • Lake Charles Pavillion

Forestry Improvements:

  • Reintroduction of the American Chestnut tree
  • Establishment of a Sugar Maple tree stand
  • Promotion of mixed hardwood tree stands
  • Establishment of Black Walnut tree stands

Pollinator Habitat Improvements:

  • Expand wildflower fields
  • Development of an Apiary
  • Construction of Lake Charles

Trail Improvements:

  • Foot trail and bridge construction

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