The Great Spangled Fritillary



At Mattie's Mountain Farm, we take pleasure in producing and nurturing high-quality Lavender, Trees and Honeybees!  Our farm is nestled on 280 acres located in the Wayne National Forest near the Crown City Wildlife Area in Gallia County, Ohio.  Mattie's Mountain Farm is a Certified Wildlife Habitat through the National Wildlife Federation and contains year-round picturesque views of forestland, streams and unique rock outcroppings as well as lots of wildlife.


Explore our website and discover more about us, our farm and its unique history as well as learn about the progress we are making with lavender, trees and honeybees.


Plans are underway to expand our operations by introducing lavender to the farm.  Lavender is a perennial plant that provides many benefits - one of which is being loved by honeybees.   Follow our progress as we plant, prune and harvest fresh lavender from the farm.


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At Mattie's Mountain Farm, we provide exceptional stewardship of the forest and the wildlife that call it home.  Our trees showcase the beauty of a mixed and diverse amount of hardwood tree species that are native to southeastern Ohio. 



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Honeybees help in the pollination of certain tree species and flowers.  An important byproduct of the honeybee is the honey they produce.  Mattie's Mountain Farm is in the process of establishing a honeybee apiary at the farm.


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About Us

Don and Becky Muth are the second generation owners of the land that comprises Mattie's Mountain Farm.  They acquired the land from Becky’s parents in 1990 and developed it into a farm that promotes wildlife and habitat conservation, managed forestry and lavender.  The Muth's named Mattie's Mountain Farm in honor of Becky's mother, Mattie McCreery.



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History of The Farm

Native American Indians once hunted wild game and harvested nuts and berries on land that comprises Mattie's Mountain Farm.  Known as the Ohio Country and The Northwest Territory, the Spanish, French and British once laid claim to the property. In 1787 the Ohio Company of Associates acquired the land that encompasses Mattie's Mountain Farm from the Continental Congress.


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Photo Gallery

There are lots of opportunities to take stunning photographs at Mattie's Mountain Farm. We work hard to add wildflowers and improve the natural habitat which make for scenic venues to capture photographs.  View our latest photographs of woodlands, wildlife and flowers at our photo gallery. Check back often as we provide regular updates.



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